Our UAV's

A workhorse for every job


We offer a range of professional UAVs to satisfy any aerial job that you may want to undertake. All of our UAVs are maintained to a high level at regular intervals to ensure safe operation.  Along with great technology requires great experience. The team at TM Aerial Applications has spent years perfecting their ability to get the best results possible from the equipment used so you can be confident you are in good hands.


DJI S1000


The DJI S1000 is an octocopter setup for high quality 16MP photos and 4K video. The S1000 is great for public events and promotions, or even cinematic style shoots. With a large number of failsafe features and redundancies, the DJI S1000 is our most bulletproof UAV, ensuring the highest safety standards. Carrying a Panasonic DMC-GH4 micro 4/3rds sensor and high quality Olympus lens, you can be assured that the final imagery produced is of professional quality.

The DJI S1000 has a Full High Definition video downlink, meaning you as a customer can see what the camera is shooting in Full 1080P resolution in real time! Our “Small HD” monitor has focus peaking and false Colour so we know we have perfect focus and exposure every time saving you time and from being disappointed! The DJI Zenmuse gimbal keeps the horizon level and features unlimited 360 degree panning leaving endless creative bounds.


S900 (BirdGard UAV)


The DJI S900 is a large-scale hexacopter with 6 motors which carry’s a bird deterrent built by US company, BirdGard. The BirdGard module has 7 different recordings and mounts to the bottom of the DJI S900.

‘In general, visual deterrent offer only short-term protection, as birds soon learn to ignore them/Birds ignore sounds after a short time if they are repetitive, emanate from the same point source, and pose no physical threat.”

With the BirdGard continually providing different deterring sounds and constantly moving overhead, the pest birds don’t become accustom to it, creating it to be much more effective in comparison to commonly used deterrents such as gas guns and scare crows.


Inspire 1


Weighing in at just 3KG, the DJI Inspire 1 is a small but powerful machine. Carrying DJI’s own Micro 4/3rds X5 sensor, the Inspire is capable of adjusting shutter speed, colour profile, exposure, frame rate and focus all whilst in flight with no down time required! The X5 camera can shoot 16MP still images or a UHD 4K motion picture. With a top speed of 22m/s, the DJI Inspire can keep up with all of the action!

The DJI Inspire 1 features Lightbridge technology enabling a HD, 720P video downlink that stretches as far as the eye can see. This, along with retractable landing gear to avoid obstruction, gives us the ability to fly long range making incredibly long shots possible.


Skywalker X8


Our Skywalker X8 has been constructed in house by our chief maintenance engineer and is designed with mapping and biochemical data collection in mind. The Skywalker is a fixed wing model giving it long flight times meaning we can cover much larger areas than multi-rotor UAVs. This UAV is currently in development and will be available soon.