Skill Set overview

What we can do


Aerial photography is a great way to impress customers, remember events, and provide professionalism and class.  TM Aerial Applications know still photography.


Whether it’s a home walk through for a high-end real estate sale or a small budget television advertisement, we have all bases covered!

Ground Footage

We don’t just do aerial footage.   TM Aerial Applications can also provide all ground footage requirements also.  We have everything from tripods to 3 axis stabilisers to complete an all round shoot.

Bird Scaring

Rid pesky birds once and for all!  Our BirdGard Drone can fly morning and evening to prevent birds from nesting and move on to leave you and your crops in peace.


Our DJI UAV’s let us fly autonomously enabling mapping over larger areas than a single photo can give us. We can create topographic, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional maps.


We are working to have everything you need for precision agriculture. We can fly for long periods of time for large data capture.


projects we are proud of